Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blog the Fifth: In which Jaron discovers a site that will help him kill 8 hours, easy!

Omegle. You are instantly put in touch with a stranger from the internet! What could be safer or more fun? Here are a few screen grabs of some of today's conversations between me and some new friends. Sadly, I haven't learned how to do pictures with captions under them. The captions are at the bottom, very sloppily slopped together.
(Click to see bigger)

1. First, the age old question:

2. Then a little experiment on what it takes to silence a fool.
The first chap just gets it.

3. English as a second language meets murder as a second hobby:

4. Mind games.

5. You can find people with your same interests!

6. This guy just ran for it.

7. Have fun with strangers, but be responsible!

Now go and do!

Blog the Fourth: In Which Jaron Ponders a Career in Rap Music

Today, whilst looking for a way to kill the 8 hours I'm required to spend lounging around here, I took up rap. Turns out it's a piece of cake. Enjoy.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog the Third: In Which Jaron Attempts to Atone for the Previous Blog, Posted in Bad Taste

This is Rocky. The best Boston Terrier I have ever met. I hesitate to put him above all other dogs because I know Spiche reads these blogs regularly and she would be offended. Plus, I'm not sure if any of Rocky's tricks can top Spiche's feat of snatching a homemade tortilla from one of Mom's friends. Rocky's interests include: Balls, Yoga, Heart Attacking, Dry Food Topped with Wet Food and Microwaved for 20 Seconds, Jabberjawing with Bigger Dogs, The Sneak and Sniff (where you pretend you're not interested in sniffing another dog, and you walk past the dog, only to quickly turn around and sniff their butt, then dart away before the other dog can sniff you back), and Tug of War.

Rocky is not what you'd call "trained" in the classical sense. He's what Sue calls a free spirit, which means he can shred what he wants, when he wants.

When Rocky is caught doing something he knows will hurt someone's feelings, he becomes "bald," meaning his ears go flat on his head. As he tries to assess whether or not he has been forgiven, he will put one ear up. This phase is known as "helicoptering."

Anyway. He's quite a dog. If Spiche ever decides to finally visit me in New York (as she's been promising for the past 5 years), I will gladly arrange a meeting, and I will hold Rocky still long enough for Spiche to get equal sniffing time.

Rocky, I celebrate your courage and your strength.

Blog the Second

I could go on and on about Blog the First, Second, Third, and so on. Never giving away the topic in the title, but always reminding myself how many blogs I've done. I'll have to think about whether I want to go in that direction or whether I'll want to be clever. Oh! I've got it.

Blog the Second: In Which Jaron Debates Whether to Title Blogs or Number Them.

And now to try a photograph.

To the left, you should see a turd.

Blog the First

I have spent the morning IMing friends, asking them what I should be doing with my day. No one could help me because they are all busy working. I am not working. I am checking family blogs, failblog, and this blog about a Boston Terrier* that I have really been into. I just learned how to link. I think it adds a real dose of sophistication to a blog. Also, I will try to reference Wikipedia as often as I can.
Anyway, the point of this post, if you couldn't tell already, is that since I have nothing to do I have decided to go ahead and make a blog, so that one day when your day is slow, you might be able to peruse my blogs as I have perused yours.
Also, I think I'll be able to update more regularly than, say, Kindy (for whom I suspect blogging was just a way to kill time until she could finally post a ring shot), since I have stopped working while I wait to be transferred to Paname, (qui se trouve dans l'hexagone).
Alors. Ca commence.

*Sue has requested her due credit for being the person who introduced me to Joe Stains. I was wrong to omit her part in making that blog a part of my daily routine. You may or may not know that Sue also has a Boston Terrier. His name is Rocky, and he's not big on people, and he has a ball obsession, a lot of personality, and he's putting on a little weight, lately.