Thursday, May 28, 2009

Call for Entries!

So, old girlfriend and current regular friend Laura Leu is making a new blog called "" It's basically a bunch of shots of kids either hating something that's supposed to be fun or otherwise ruining the day by peeing/puking on things/people. Just off the top of my head I thought of Ava's chucky face on the salem days ride, and zade peeing at the church function. Got any other gems?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Look who's so fancy and knows how to do videos!

Not just Damian and Devon anymore. I'm joining the club. Watch this. Yeah, the video isn't that great, but it gives you your first glimpse of chez moi. And, as it turns out, I'm not quite on the Devon and Damian level yet. All I can do is link to youtube. It's a start.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just saying.

I took this picture, not to show you what a french girl looks like when she's trying to make a point, but rather to show you what it looks like at 10 pm in France in May. That's right. Still light out. And the days are only getting longer. Of course this means that in the winter time I'll be going to and from work in the dark, even if I get into the office at 10 and leave at 3:30, but still. Carpe diem, yes?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

BLog the whatever: in which Jaron abandons that silly format and updates you on some goings-ons

Hey there! So I'm in France, as you can tell by the way I'm sneering as I type this. The first thing you notice about France is that they hate me. They hate everyone. Yesterday I was at the supermarket and I wanted to buy some apples and tomatoes. It is not an easy thing to do. You have to put them on the scale yourself and then find a picture of the food on a huge board and enter the code. The checkout girl can't be bothered. She fussed with her nails as she mumbled instructions and did everything in her power to avoid eye contact. I didn't understand at all what was going on and people behind me were getting mad. Finally I figured it out and pushed some random buttons. I think I paid for artichokes, but I was so flustered I didn't care. Then they just sit there waiting for you to bag your own groceries. They have the bags though, so they wait until you ask for them and THEN bag them. I got two flimsy plastic bags to put my 30 lbs of food into. I barely made it to my apartment when they exploded. Could have been worse. I cooked dinner for myself last night. I made a mixed greens salad with tomatoes and a vinaigrette dressing that I learned to make in New York. Just oil, balsamic vinaigre, a bit of sugar and some dijon mustard (this particular variety had pesto in it...magnifique!). I also cooked some egg rolls in the oven, which turned out disgusting. And of course a baguette. I eat every meal outdoors. I have a terrace that is simply merveilleux.
I have taken some pictures and video but the cord to my camera is in my stuff that I had shipped over and apparently it will take another month or so for that stuff to clear customs. Oh, the french! They are so slow. And there is no incentive for them to be nice to you because it's nearly impossible to fire a frenchie. The employers are obligated to pay them about 15 years' severance, so they typically just don't bother. If it's a question of poor job performance you can fire them, but then you have to prove in court that they were inept, and that is next to impossible, since the whole country is inept.
They do have a fantastic vacation schedule. This weekend is a 4 day weekend. Last weekend was a 3 day, so was the one before that. The Y&R office requires you to take one free day off per month on top of all that. All paid, of course. The French are paid for everything.
So far I still don't have a bank account or a phone. Those are important things, I think you will agree. I'll feel much more settled once I have checked off a few essentials.
As far as work goes, I love the office. We are on the first floor and to the right and left of me are big open courtyards full of smoking frenchies. They sip little espressos and chain smoke, and in their free time they do advertising.
I think I'll have the opportunity to do some good work here though. The team is structured very simply. We have one boss, and he sits across from me at my table. If any of us wants to run something by him, we just do it. Instant feedback. Good progress.
All right. I'll try to find a picture to go with this post. Maybe just go to Google and type in n'importe quoi and post the first pic that comes up.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Blog the 11th: Wherein Jaron posts his next coordinates.

That's right. I have put a deposit down on an apartment. C'est un peu petit, but ca va aller. It's just for a few months until another one I like opens up.
Reading the posting, you might think that it was written by a lady who's a notta speaka english pretty good. Well, it was written by an American who has lived in Paris so long she has forgotten her native tongue. Just like that girl, Stands With a Fist. She doesn't like to make the talk.
Maybe I'll find a picture of her so this post can have a picture.

Also, I feel like I haven't been linking enough in my blog. I'll do better in the future.